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Baby Leggings - Sweetie Baby Leggings - Sweetie $10.00
You Save: 50.00%

Nursing Tank - White Lace Nursing Tank - White Lace $26.99
Nursing Cover - Taylor Nursing Cover - Taylor $20.00

Soothing Sitz Herbal Bath Soothing Sitz Herbal Bath $10.00
Hotslings Baby Carrier - Black Hotslings Baby Carrier - Black $52.00
You Save: 30.00%
Whole Caboodle 5PC set - Kendra Whole Caboodle 5PC set - Kendra $60.00

Whole Caboodle 5PC set - Aiden Whole Caboodle 5PC set - Aiden $60.00

Thermometer - Zoo Temp Thermometer - Zoo Temp $7.25
Birthing Stool Birthing Stool $160.00

Nursing Tank - Black Lace Nursing Tank - Black Lace $26.99
Feminine Fresh, Perineal Wash Feminine Fresh, Perineal Wash $4.75

Baby Leggings - Touchdown Baby Leggings - Touchdown $10.00
You Save: 50.00%

Nursing Cover - Grace Nursing Cover - Grace $20.00

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To build a custom kit under your name or business, email us the following:

  • A list of items you want included (including quantities of each)
  • Your contact information (Phone number & Email address)
  • A Photo or Business Logo Image (for your kit on our website)

Thank you for your interest in having a custom kit available for your clients on our website. 

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Mommy Gift Bundle (Basic)
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Mommy Gift Bundle (Basic)

Price per Unit (Kit): $52.49
You Save: 10.00%

Makes a great gift for a baby shower!

This kit has been custom designed to meet the essential needs of moms after birth.

NOTE: If you need MORE than the minimum amounts suggested, change quantities on the page.  If you want LESS than the suggested quantity, add the entire kit to your cart and delete the individual item from the shopping cart.  Optional items may be removed from shopping cart.  Price listed above varies depending on discount amount and number of each item.  Your ACTUAL total will be shown in your cart.

Feminine Fresh, Perineal Wash $4.75  $4.28
Washable Breast Pads 2Pk $5.25  $4.73
Oil - Lansinoh Cream $10.99  $9.89
Bach Rescue Remedy Tincture $15.00  $13.50
Burts Bees Diaper Ointment $7.50  $6.75
Tape Measure - Retractable $4.00  $3.60
BBB Mommy Gift Bundle (Basic) $0.00
Golden Healing Salve $5.00  $4.50


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Polysorb GS-21 2-0 Polysorb GS-21 2-0 $6.00
Olson-Hegar Needleholder Olson-Hegar Needleholder $30.00
Nicole Josselyn Birth Kit Nicole Josselyn Birth Kit $75.10
You Save: 15.00%
IV Catheter 18GA x 1.88" IV Catheter 18GA x 1.88 $3.50 Baby Leggings - Butterflies Baby Leggings - Butterflies $10.00
You Save: 50.00%

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Ventura Birth Center (Medi-cal Clients) Birth Kit - Sue Turner Ventura Birth Center (Medi-cal Clients) Birth Kit - Sue Turner $74.44
You Save: 10.00%
Thermometer - Infared Thermometer - Infared $35.75

Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray $10.95

Depends Pant - Size XL Depends Pant - Size XL $1.40
Baby Bling Headband - Knot (Orange) Baby Bling Headband - Knot (Orange) $10.00

Endine Karges Birth Kit Endine Karges Birth Kit $47.70
You Save: 5.00%
Susie Ellis Birth Kit (for ordering multiple kits) Susie Ellis Birth Kit (for ordering multiple kits) $54.85
You Save: 10.00%

IV Catheter 20GA x 1.25" IV Catheter 20GA x 1.25 $3.50
Jessica Maguire Birth Kit Jessica Maguire Birth Kit $272.30
You Save: 20.00%
Leah Hymas Birth Kit Leah Hymas Birth Kit $40.70
You Save: 5.00%

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