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Home Building a Birth Kit Best Sellers Cord clamp substitute for Umbi-Ring
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Best Sellers/ arrow Cord clamp substitute for Umbi-Ring
Cord Clamp - Plastic SterileCord Tape

Cord clamp substitute for Umbi-Ring

Price per Unit (piece): $1.40

Umbi-Rings are currently unavailable - due to a manufacturing problem. We are hoping to get them back in stock as soon as possible but until then plastic cord clamps will be substituted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

UMBILICAL CORD RING. Device used to clamp an umbilical cord. Does Not Need to be Removed. Sterile. Allergy warning: Contains latex.

Umbi-Ring is an effective way for Midwives and Practitioners to constrict an umbilical cord without having to remove the device later. 


  • More comfortable for baby
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require removal
  • Replaces a cord clamp
  • Sterile
  • Made in the USA

The Umbi-Ring is made up of a latex band around two plastic pieces, which form a ring. The ring is slipped over the umbilical cord and once the two plastic pieces are separated, the band shrinks down and compresses the umbilical cord. Removal is not necessary as the band will fall off along with the umbilical stump after a few days.

This device is similar to a product, no longer available, called the AGA cord ring. Unlike the AGA cord ring, the Umbi-Ring constricts slowly which allows it to be moved into place, momentarily and prevents possible cord laceration.

Since this product is newer, it currently has an expiration of six months. Because of this shorter shelf life, we suggest you consider ordering only what you can use in a six month period.


Directions for use of the Umbi-Ring

1. Slide Umbi-Ring on hemostat. Clamp umbilical cord with hemostat, preferably once cord has become pale and limp. 2. Slide Umbi-Ring over the umbilical cord to the desired point. 3. With fingers, separate plastic ring to allow ligature to fall around the umbilical cord. * 4. Hold the ligature in place until it fully constricts. 5. DO NOT remove hemostat until ligature has completely constricted. 6. Once fully constricted, remove hemostat and trim stump of cord to desired length. *Please note, the ligature will constrict slowly allowing it to be moved to the desired point and prevent cord laceration.


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